July 5, 2012

Thursday - Rainy and very humid

An okay day.  I got up early this morning and took a shower.  I did my usual morning things including SATC, then cooked my lunch and bicycled over to the school. I was very lucky on the way there, there was a lull in the rain and I didn’t get wet.  

I set up for my class and everything looked good.  My student came on time and we had a good class. We did something for her office and also started her new book.  I think things went well.

After she left, I did paperwork, read the newspaper and then did the dishes.  I got ready to leave, put my shoes on, and opened the door.  The rain was coming down in sheets.  I couldn’t leave yet. I would be soaked in an instant.  I went back in and read a couple of chapters of a book I have just started.  I went out again a few minutes later and it wasn’t raining so I decided to go.

I got to the bike shed, unlocked my bike and boom. Rain.  I waited a few seconds and it subsided, so I decided to risk it.  I biked off.  About halfway home the rain started up again. I should have stopped and put on my rain cape, but decided it was more trouble than it was worth.  I did get quite wet on the way home, but since I was going home, I didn’t mind too much.

At home, I changed out of my wet clothes and watched a bit of Season of the Witch.  F came home in the middle of it.  We both ended up taking a nap for a while after it.

We went to Cocos Ichibanya Curry tonight. I had a chicken and vegetable curry again tonight, but it had more tomatoes than last time and my skin is really reacting to it.  My face is so itchy.  We bought some groceries afterwards. I think I’m going to cook tomorrow night as we always seem to go out on the weekends.  

I watched a bit of TV tonight, including Royal Pains.  The guy who played Alison’s husband on Medium was the guest tonight and he was speaking with an English accent.  I know he’s English, but his accent sounded quite fake at times!  I didn’t crochet tonight, but I did a lot of darning in of loose ends.  Next time I should be able to start the last three rows of the blanket.  Woot!  Finally.  But it is looking quite nice.  

And that was my day.  It was okay.  The weather wasn’t great, but this time of year it is par for the course.  Got to go.  Night!

Oh, wait...before I go, I thought I'd post a totally unnecessary picture of one of my postcard displays in my school.  I put the cards on a bookshelf first, then when I have new cards to replace them, I put them on my closet door.  I cycle through them, so there's usually something new to see each time a student comes to visit.  
Display of received Postcrossing cards


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

That display looks intriguing. I can imagine how your students like looking at all the exotic locations and dreaming of the day they can use their English to travel and have fun.
I asked about gotochi cards at my little PO today and they were like, Those sold out ages ago... I'll ask at larger post offices and see what response I get. I'll check out the website too.

Helen said...

I don't know, I often have to call attention to my newer cards, my students don't seem to notice at all!

I didn't say, but I put my black and white portrait ones in a different part of the classroom.

I'm glad that you asked about the Gotochi cards...sorry they're sold out. That is one of the reasons why they are so popular...they go fast. My little post office is very out of the way so they have all of them. I'm not sure if Yamagata cards are all that in demand though :-( I like them!

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