June 30, 2012

Saturday - Hot and sunny

Hey, what happened to the rainy season?  Isn’t it supposed to rain now?

I had a pretty good day today. Follow along with me….

I got up very, very close to my alarm time this morning.  Big surprise there.  I showered and spent a bit of time polishing my columns.  Finally I declared them done, or very nearly so, and sent them off into the wild blue yonder.  

Hubs and I had brunch at Gusto today and it was pretty decent.  He dropped me off at my school afterwards and I got busy.  I didn’t have to do too much cleaning as I had been there last night, but I did have to take care of a spider that was hanging from the air conditioner.  

My first class went quite well.  My student was fine, but she’d been away for a couple of weeks so was a little rusty.  After class I sent her off with her mother.

In my free time I prepped a lesson and read today’s newspaper. I was trying to read last Sunday’s as well, but I didn’t finish.  Hopefully next week.  When my next class time came, so did my student. Yes!  We had a good class and even got through an entire lesson.  Hurray.  

After she left, I went into hurry up mode.  I finalised my paperwork, then unplugged everything.  I even texted F, but he didn’t answer.  I had asked him to pick me up at 5:30…where was he?  I had just called him and not received an answer, when I saw him driving down the road.  He picked me up and we drove to the mall.  He’d been held up a little in the convenience store where he’d bought us some onigiri and sandwiches.  We wouldn’t have time to eat a proper meal before the movie and we needed a little something.  

Tonight we went to see the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman (in 2D…and proud of it baby!) It was great.  We both really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure that F would as generally he’s not that into superhero movies, but he did too.  I think Andrew Garfield is a much better actor than Tobey Maguire, and while I like Sam Raimi (and LOVE the obligatory Bruce Campbell cameos), I liked Marc Webb’s version so much more.

After the film it was time for dinner. We tried to find something in the grocery store to bring home, but couldn’t.  We went to the Cocos near the mall and this time got in.  I had curry and F had a Japanese dish.

We came home afterwards and had a relaxing evening together.  I was greeted by 3 postcards in my mailbox, so I’ll likely post about them in a couple of days.  We watched a bit of TV and F is doing up a postcrossing now.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing to celebrate.  Come back tomorrow and find out! Night.

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