August 8, 2012

Wednesday - Cooler and sunny, bit humid

A good day.  I got up at a goodly time today and showered, then watched SATC.  We’re nearing the end now I think.  I’ve enjoyed watching this show much more than I would have thought.  F called me during the show and asked if he could visit me and bring me some fish for lunch.  I told him no until he mentioned that he meant Taiyaki!  After that I said he could come.  He brought me a German potato one which was perfect for breakfast, and a custard one which was just perfect!Yum.

I had a quiet day. I wrote a postcard but didn’t get to the post office to send it. I think I might either send it tomorrow or leave it for F to take in the morning.  Hmm.  

For my lunch I had one of the two remaining stuffed zucchinis with some orange tomatoes on toast, plus a bit of cooked meat.  It was all good.  

F was a bit late tonight and when he came home I stayed out of his way.  He had a work party to go to at a nice restaurant in town.  I had plans of my own.  A few weeks ago I invited one of my ex-students to do something with me tonight.  I didn’t really care what, dinner, a movie, karaoke, coffee…just wanted to go out and have fun.  She asked that we go and see the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises as a friend of hers recommended it.  So, that’s what we did.  After her work, she drove over here and picked me up.  We went off to Mikawa and saw the movie.  It was even a good night for it as it was “ladies night” so we got in for 1000yen each.  Woot!  

I had seen the movie before, but she hadn’t.  We both enjoyed it and afterwards she had lots of questions about Batman that I didn’t always know the answers to.  It was a fun night.  

She dropped me off at home and I was home for probably 30 minutes before F came home.  He was quite “happy”.  I let him watch a bit of wrestling on TV, but he fell asleep on table tennis so I chased him off to bed.  He’s out like a light now.

That was my day. It was quite a good one and I really enjoyed myself.  I hope that tomorrow will be just as good, if not better.  Night.

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