September 15, 2012

Saturday - Sunny and hot

An okay day.  I coughed a lot last night and I coughed a lot today.  I couldn’t stop.  I did manage to sleep quite well, but my medicine is going to run out tomorrow.  Yikes.  What to do?

This morning I got up a little late, showered and came through to the living room.  F did get up, but he didn’t get dressed until 10:58 which bugged the heck out of me.  

We had a quick brunch in Gusto and then F dropped me off at my school and I got busy.  My first class went really well. I won’t see her for a while so I gave her extra homework!

In my free time I did my paperwork, checked my second class and took a short nap!  My second student came on time and we had a great class.  When she left I finished up my paperwork and then I ate my lunch.  I had leftover stir-fry from yesterday and it was great.  

F showed up about 5:30 bearing goodies and my interview person showed up 15 minutes early.  It is a student from before who wants to come back, so I’m quite happy about that.  She’s going to come back to my school from October.  Hurray.  

Afterwards, I cleaned up the school and changed into my normal clothes.  We hit up a drug store for some cough candies for me, and then came home.  

After a bit at home I said to F that I didn’t really want to go out so we decided to get bentos.  He was going to go to the shop and pick up a menu but I suggested that he just look on line for one.  Of course it was there, so he called in an order and picked it up for us.  He had a mixed bento and I had Oyako-don.  It was really yummy.

We watched a bit of TV, but F went to bed after a while.  I watched Project Runway and thought it was quite good.  It’s hard to get to know the designers when the show is less than an hour long.  I miss the old 90 minute version.

Anyway, I am still coughing up a storm.  I’m wondering if it is something besides a cold now as I usually don’t have this non-stop coughing thing going on.  I must try to get some sleep.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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