September 16, 2012

Sunday - Hot and sunny…+35 gah!
Eleventh Anniversary Day 2

What a day!

I did try to go to sleep in bed last night, but couldn’t stop coughing at all.  I ended up trying to sleep on the chesterfield.  I could only fall asleep sitting up in one or two positions and it was really hard to keep in position.  Then, F got up, maybe to check on my and woke me up a couple of times…ack!

This morning he insisted on taking me to the hospital but I didn’t really want to go there. I asked if we could just go to the Sunday clinic again instead.  I thought that if they thought I was bad, they’d send me to the hospital.  

So, I showered and dressed and off we went.  It wasn’t a bad experience at all.  I was given a mask as they were worried about spreading infection, but I don’t think I am infectious.  They put me on an inhaler which made me feel much better immediately.  The doctor gave me medicine for a couple of days and sent me off.

We went for lunch to a new place…old style Japanese where you have to sit on the floor. I didn’t like it very much, but F wanted to try it.  The food was okay, I’m sure that F will drag me back later.

We came home and F took our bedding off to the laundromat to wash, while I had a good sleep on the naked bed!  I did put a towel down…He came back after a couple of hours and remade the bed all by himself.  What a guy!

The rest of the afternoon was kind of sleep and wake, sleep and wake.  

Finally around 7:30 F wanted to have dinner and THEN he asked about going somewhere nice.  If he’d asked earlier or made reservations it would have been fine, but….He did call our favourite restaurant, but they were closed. I suggested Grado so that’s where we ended up going.  I had the Grado set which today had pork and a whole tai (sea bream), F just had the seafood curry.  Mine was good, but it was quite big.  

After dinner we did something goofy.  We went to see Hachiko.  Hachiko is a famous dog in Japan, and there is a statue in Tokyo commemorating him.  Well, for some reason there is a replica or a model of the original in Tsuruoka at the moment, so we went to see it and took lots of photos of it! 

We came home afterwards and watched a bit of TV.  We watched an odd film called Perfect Sense. It starred Ewan McGregor and as usual he got his kit off!  There must be a record about how often he takes off his clothes in films.  

Anyway, that is it for me.  I’m still not sure what exactly is wrong with me but it seems to be a lung thing.  Wish me luck with it, please.  Night.

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