September 26, 2012

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  F got up nice and early and did lots of cleaning today. I sort of wish that he hadn’t because he kicked up all sorts of dust, but it was nice.  When the Fire Alarm check guys came, F handled the whole thing. I was very happy about that!

I watched quite a lot of TV this morning and it wasn’t until the afternoon that we left the apartment.  We went to the mall and had lunch at one of the restaurants.  We did a little bit of shopping (socks) and some window shopping too.  Then, we went to see Mirror, Mirror.  It was fun.  It wasn’t a “great” movie, but it was cute.  We both enjoyed it.

After the movie, we left the mall, and F suggested going to Bistro des Pointes.  We haven’t been for ages, so it was a lovely suggestion.  We had a fabulous meal.  F had steak, I had the local pork.  Mine was so good.  It was in a dried tomato sauce with many cherry tomatoes on it.  Yum.  For dessert I had coconut blancmange and F had cassis mousse.  So yummy.

We came home after dinner and relaxed. I worked on some stuff for my woman’s group and then goofed off to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m now watching an old episode of House.  

Tomorrow I have an early class, so I had really better get to bed soon.  Hopefully things will go well tomorrow and I’ll get all the things done that I need to have done before my trip.  Got to go.  Night!

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