September 6, 2012

Thursday - Cloudy, rainy, humid and best of all, a little cooler!

I went to bed a little earlier than usual last night. I was very tired and managed to get to sleep quite quickly.  Hurray for that.  I did wake up a few times in the night, but that is fairly common.  

I was awake this morning well before my alarms and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I decided to just get up and shower, so I did. I think it was a good idea as I was awake after that.  Today, F popped home a couple of times, but there was still no sign of the Fire Alarm guys.  

I watched some TV and then had lunch.  I didn’t really make much, I ate some leftovers from last night and also had a cucumber sandwich.  It was okay, but the cucumbers were a bit dry.  

F came home around his usual time and took a nap.  I watched TV for a bit and then we went out for dinner to Cocos.  I had a burger with cheese fondue, F had tuna on rice.  We shared their special dessert, a Monblanc Mud Pie.  We were both glad that we decided to share as one each would have been too much.

We were busy on the way home!  F bought gas, then we checked my school.  After that, we toured the grocery store. I’m going to do fish and chap chae tomorrow night.  Wish me luck! I told F that he’s not allowed to go and sleep like usual while I’m cooking as I’ll need his help to follow the directions on the packets I bought.  

We spent a quiet evening at home.  I did watch a bit of TV and wrote a couple of postcards, that’s about it.  It was nice and homey for a change.  

Depending on the weather tomorrow, I might go out, or not.  I’m just not sure.  Come back and find out what I did.  Night.

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