October 10, 2012

Wednesday - Warmish and sunny

A good day.  When I got up this morning, F was at the doctor.  I had a few minutes by myself so I had some breakfast, read some of the paper and watched some of The Ghost Whisperer.

He returned and we relaxed for a while, then decided to go over to my doctor around 11.  It was a good choice as most of the crowd was gone and we were able to be seen quickly.  To be honest, today I felt about the best that I have in weeks!  I still have pain, but I’m mostly feeling better.  The doctor gave me another week’s worth of medicine and sent me on my way.

We had lunch at the Grand El Son today and it was nice.  It was a little small, but lovely.  We both had local pork, with an apple vinegar sauce.  So nice.  It came with soup, bread or rice, salad and coffee or tea.  

After lunch, we visited Yamaya and bought a few things, then headed over to the Chido Museum to see the art exhibit there. It didn’t move me as much as the last one did, but it wasn’t terrible.  I liked a few of the pieces on display.  

We made a quick stop at the post office for me to take care of a little business.  I had to mail off something for a friend, and pay for an event I’m going to next year.  It should be fun. I hope!

We came home for a while and F had a nap.  

In the evening we went out for dinner. We had planned to go to Grado, but they had a private party going on (why didn’t they have their closed sign up then?).  We dropped off my old newspapers and then tried going to an Italian buffet place.

We were able to be seated quickly.  The last time we went there I ate entirely too much and felt sick afterwards, so I took precautions today!  I didn’t have my usual carbonara (too filling),   and when I hit the buffet, I purposely filled up more than half of my plate with salad and veggie sticks.  It was a good plan. I avoided a lot of the heavy carb foods, so didn’t feel too bad when I was done.  I did hit the dessert table, as did F, but even then I wasn’t too bad.  Hurray.  

We bought a few groceries at the store on the way home. I’m going to make a stew tomorrow, probably in my crockpot.  Although I might make it on the stove and put it in the fridge for a while.  Decisions, decisions.  

We came home and had a quiet evening in. I watched Castle and then Grey’s Anatomy.  I followed up those with House and Bones.  The latter two I didn’t see all of as the reception on the channel is awful.  

And that’s my day.  I felt much better today than I have in ages.  I finished the book I was reading, The Wise Woman (and didn’t like it) and got more medicine.  Tomorrow is a real day off. No classes and no husband, so I can relax a little hopefully.  Night!

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