October 7, 2012

Sunday - Clear and sunny, some clouds

A good day.  For the first time in ages, I got to sleep in on Sunday. I wish I could say that I really enjoyed it, but I had to get up a lot and I wasn’t sleeping that well.  However, I did appreciate the fact that I didn’t have to rush to an airport, the Sunday doctor’s or anywhere else for that matter!

We had a slow start this morning.  It wasn’t until 2 that we shook legs and left the apartment. I had eaten breakfast for my medicine, so there was no hurry in my opinion!  We had yakiniku for lunch. One of the local places has lunch until 5 on weekends.  Perfect place for me!  We visited a drugstore afterwards and then F took me on a little drive.  

We went out to Sakata, to Yawata-town to see the place that the salmon climb when they are spawning.  He was hoping to see some salmon today, but we didn’t.  However, there was a place where you could go downstairs and look out some windows to the bottom of the river. That was quite cool.  We didn’t see any big fish, just lots of little baby ones.  

After that, we went shopping in Marine5 in Sakata.  It’s a big department store that was supposed to close, but hasn’t yet!  We had a look around the store and I nearly bought something for my sister, but decided it was too expensive.  They also had some crisps from Scotland that were an interesting flavour, cherry tomato and herbs. I didn’t buy any because they were 200 yen for a tiny package, but I was sorely tempted.

We had a tea or coffee in a small coffee shop in Sakata, between the department store and city hall where we parked.  It was lovely, and I saw a gorgeous amethyst pendant on display there.  I thought at first it was 7000 yen, expensive, but maybe worth it.  Later I realised it was 27,000 yen.  Very expensive.  I rarely wear jewellery, so skipped it quite happily.

F drove us back into Tsuruoka and we had dinner at Cocos.  They had cheap cake tonight, so we each had a piece. It was quite nice, as was the rest of our meal.  

We came home, and I put my cunning plan into motion.  I got out my breadmaker.  My breadmaker has sat in its box since I got it in February. F lost the instruction manual, then he ordered a new one at the same time that I found the old one.  

Anyway, we made a quick loaf of bread tonight and it was yummy.  We both enjoyed it.  We even set it up again for tomorrow morning, so we can have breakfast at home! I won’t go into our struggles over understanding the manual and F’s translations of things.  I have such a different understanding of things that it causes problems. However, the bread was delish and we scarfed the first loaf, so tomorrow we’ll probably do the same again!

My first loaf of bread!

I should go.  No plans for tomorrow, but I’ve asked F to let me have a slow day at home. I’ve been having a lot of pain and all the driving around doesn’t help at all.  Talk to you tomorrow?  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

My breadmaker is in operation at least 3 days a week. I don't know how I lived without one. I'm so glad you tried yours out and are happy with the results. There is nothing yummier than fresh, hot bread. Don't forget to use the dough function to make doughs for cinnamon rolls and pizza and foccacia.

Helen said...

Mmm, that sounds good! I might be able to do that in winter, and use my microwave oven to bake.

I really will have to get some whole wheat as well. I miss having good bread.

Thanks for the ideas :-)