November 2, 2012

Friday - Rain showers, some hail

A good day.  

This morning I heard F reach for his clock to see what the time was…I peeked into the living room and saw that it was 8:20.  F is supposed to be at work at 8:30.  He said he made it on time, but I have no idea how!  He must have flown.  I overslept myself today. It was after 9 when I really woke up.  I got up and watched Gilmore Girls.  

I showered and then I got dressed.  A little before 12 I walked over to Grado and got a table.  My friend from Sakata arrived soon after with her little boy.  We had a great lunch together.  We were lucky in that the restaurant didn’t have any customers for the first 40 minutes or more, so if the little boy made noise it didn’t matter.  We chatted and ate and had a good time.

Around 2 I asked her to drive me to my school as the weather was quite dark and cold.  She very nicely did before I sent them off on their way.

I got my school ready and I had to use the heater today.  It was darn cold in there.  I got myself ready and the student arrived about 5 minutes before class time.  Luckily I was prepared for her and it was fine.  We had a good class and did some vocabulary learning and some writing too.  

After class I did paperwork, cleaned up, did dishes, read my book, considered taking a nap, and then around 7 decided that enough was enough.  F hadn’t phoned and he knew that I was at my school.  I decided to take myself out for dinner.

I walked up to Gusto and had a fairly decent meal. It wasn’t busy at all, which surprised me.  It’s Friday before a holiday.  After my meal, I walked home.  It was only raining lightly so I didn’t use my umbrella.  When I arrived home F’s car wasn’t there.  I went in, turned on the heater and started to warm up.

He came home a little while later and we finally talked a bit.  He asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, but I said I didn’t as I’d already eaten.  However, I eventually said that I’d go out with him to keep him company.  We ended up at Cocos.  He had chicken and I had some dessert with drink bar.  

We came home and I discovered that a film I like a lot (Another Year) was on WOWOW, so watched that.  Then, I set up the bread maker with F’s help for tomorrow morning.  I watched Shameless after that.  I love that show. The characters are so terrible and yet great at the same time.  

And that’s what happened in my day.  Things aren’t too bad right now. We’re both up, although I think we should be going to bed soon.  We’ll have some lovely whole wheat bread tomorrow morning.  Yum.  

No plans yet for tomorrow.  Have to wait and see then, won’t you?  Night!

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