April 24, 2013

Wednesday - rainy

An okay day.  I overslept a bit again, but it wasn't a problem today.  I got up, had some breakfast and watched a bit of telly.  I read the paper and turned F down when he wanted to bring me a bento.  Of course I felt guilty afterwards, but…

In the afternoon I started prepping the stew.  It took ages to peel and cut up all the veggies, but I finally got them ready and started making it.  The stew was simmering away when F finally came home around 7 tonight.  In fact, I was putting together the dumpling mix when he came in.  

About 25 minutes later I put the stew and dumplings on the table, along with my new sauce.  I picked up a bottle of sriracha in Sendai this weekend.  First I tried my stew and it was good, and then I added a drop of the stuff.  It was hot, but really good too.  

F did the dishes amidst a lot of running around, then we went out. We ran an errand at my school, then went to the grocery store.  After that, we came home.  

I watched Camelot at 10 and did a bit of my hooky.  The granny square is going much faster than my ripple did!  Funny how that works.  After Camelot I taped one show and watched House.  

That was pretty much my day.  I will have to start my columns soon. I have ideas this time, and also something to report, so I am looking forward to just sitting down and writing the darn thing!  I have to get some sleep.  Night!


Anonymous said...

I posted a comment...did it go through??

Anonymous said...

My MIL always says "it takes two hours to cook and ten minutes to eat"...lol. Sometimes I'm so exhausted after cooking!! My granny squares are fast too but my ripples....they still need work. Somehow they always look funny. Not sure what I do wrong. they don't look like ripples to me. lol

Helen said...

Yes it did!

I think with ripples you have to keep a strict count of what is going on. Which ripple are you doing? I used Attic 24's ripple for a couch blanket, and that worked out really well.

Thanks for your comments :-)