April 3, 2013

Wednesday - Light rain, cloudy

A good day.

I slept a little bit too late this morning, but got up and on with my day.  I had some things that I wanted to watch on TV tonight, so I decided that I would ask F to hook the TV back up when he came home tonight.  To help him with that, I decided to give the machine a thorough cleaning.  I'm glad that I did as it was very dusty.

I was on the couch reading my paper when I heard the door bang.  I'd slipped the latch over because I don't like to be disturbed without warning in the morning.  F rarely phones before he shows up.  I let him in, he got whatever he was looking for and invited me out for lunch.  I agreed to go with him later. 

Later came and F picked me up.  We had lunch in the Chinese restaurant that he likes to go to. It was okay, not great, but good enough for lunch.  I managed to eat most of the food, but left some of the rice.  

F dropped me off at home and I relaxed for a bit, did some work on-line and then went to the post office to send my Book Mooch.  It was raining, but very lightly, so I rode my bike and didn't worry about it.  I was glad to get out under my own power for a change.  

When F came home he was tired again.  He changed and went to lie down for a bit.  I decided to go in for a light chat and snuggle, nothing heavy.  Anyway, we were talking when he sprang up in bed, said he'd forgotten about it and hooked up the TV again.  Yay! I didn't even have to ask, which surprised me a lot.

I also made dinner tonight.  It's rare to have dinner at home twice in two nights, but we did.  Mine was very simple, just pasta with pesto sauce and shrimp.  Yum.  It worked out nicely.

After F did the dishes, we made a quick run to the grocery store and my apartment. I set the heater there tonight for tomorrow's class.  We came home and had a quiet night in.  

F put on the first part of Up! and as always, the montage at the beginning made me cry.  At 10 we switched to Camelot and I sat on the couch and did some crochet.  I enjoyed that.  

And basically, that was my day. It was nice, quiet and relaxing.  Tomorrow I have an early class and then I'm done.  F has a busy day though.  I have to go. I promised myself an early-ish night.  Night!

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