April 9, 2013

Tuesday - Clear, and sunny, then torrential rain in the evening.

Got up at a reasonable time this morning and decided to shower right away.  I was planning to go out later on in the morning, so I couldn't shower then.  I had just gone into the bathroom and was making my clothes ready for after the shower when I heard F coming in.  He'd come in to spend a bit of time while he waited for someone at work.  We chatted for a bit and then I took my shower.

He left and then I settled in to watch The Ghost Whisperer.  It was a good and sad episode today, one about the plane crash.  When it finished I biked off to the post office and mailed off my BookMooch to Finland.  Yay me.  

When I came home I watched a bit of TV and then made my lunch. I had a scrambled egg with a leftover sausage and bacon rasher in a wrap.  It was nice.  

I had a nice bike ride to the school today. The lights where I usually have to wait were just right for me today, so I got to work in good time.  I went into my school and did a few chores.  I dusted, set up the hot water pot and checked my lesson.  I had changed my clothes and was just going to kick into final gear for my class when my student called to cancel.  

I thought about going home, but decided to do a bit of drawer cleaning out.  I found a lot of stuff that I didn't know I had, so I tossed some, saved some and put some of it back! F called me later and offered to pick me up after he went to his house to walk his dog.  Since it was pouring, I gratefully accepted.  

When F came for me I wasn't quite ready.  When I was ready, I couldn't find my key for the school.  Ack.  I looked but couldn't find it. I sent F home for the spare, but 2 minutes later I found it.  He came back and we went to Fireball for dinner.

Tonight Fireball was busy, and the food was delicious, as usual.  We shared our pasta, we had a pork cheek pasta in tomato cream sauce, and a fish and spinach pasta in a cinnamon cream sauce.  I'd never had cinnamon cream for pasta before but it was really nice.  

We ran a few errands after dinner.  We popped home to dump my bike and pick up the kerosene tanks, then we bought some groceries and kerosene…but not in the same place!

We came home and had a quiet night.  I made bread for a change, I am creating a new one for me. It's a cranberry and tea loaf, so I hope it is good.  It had been so long since I had used my bread maker that I had half forgotten how to do it.

I watched a little TV and enjoyed it, did a little crochet and enjoyed it too.  All in all, it was a fairly good night.  I am having a few stomach problems though, but hopefully it'll sort itself out soon though.  

No big plans for tomorrow.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to have a good day.  Talk to you later?  Night.

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