May 13, 2013

Monday - Warm and sunny, then rainy

An odd day.

I got up this morning, had breakfast and read a couple of newspapers.  It was nice.  F did offer to bring lunch over, but I refused.  I didn't want to have rice anyway.  

After two I got a surprise, F popped home for a quick visit.  He left soon after, and so did I.  I went to a couple of banks to have my passbooks updated.  They've become demagnetized in my purse, so I had to go into the branch to get them done.  I still have one left, but I couldn't get to the place in time.  

I was going to go and have a drink at McDonalds but noticed some big black clouds so decided to just go home.  I did run to the post office first though, to drop off a card.  

I came home and after a little bit, I got started on dinner.  I washed and cut up some asparagus so I could stir-fry it just before dinner.  F came home a bit late tonight, after 6 pm.  He was tired.  

I asked him if I should cook dinner, so I started.  I suggested that he change his clothes.  I got on with dinner.  I stir-fried the asparagus, got the pilaff heated up, mixed up the eggs and cooked the first omelette.  His omelette.  I was rather perturbed when he didn't come and get it.  I had asked him specially the night before not to make me wait when I cooked tonight.  He didn't come.  He was lying on his bed half asleep.  He never did get up.  His omelette was on the table, as were the other dishes.  I decided to just get on with making mine.  I ate by myself, and it was very nice.  So much for my nice dinner at home.  Sigh.

F slept all night.  In fact, he's still sleeping. I've tried to wake him, but he didn't get up.  I'm not sure if he'll be able to sleep all night or not now.  

Well, that's it for me.  I might get to bed early, or I might stay up a bit and write a postcrossing or read my book.  Hmm…I haven't read anything for a few days.  Book might be nice!

Got to go.  Night.

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