May 30, 2013

Thursday - Rainy, cloudy and a little cooler.

I had a lazy morning today. I did not want to get up.  I did though.  F came home for lunch again.  He offered to bring me food, I refused, but he brought some anyway.  I don't really like it when he brings things like fried chicken and sweets for me.

In the afternoon I scanned some cards and wrote a couple more to go out.  This month hasn't been good for my Postcrossing.  I did get one of my Postcrossing entries written up, so that was a good thing.  

F came home and we ended up watching The Middle. It was quite funny. It was nice to see a sit-com where life wasn't perfect.  

F wanted to go to the yakiniku buffet place for dinner, so we did.  It was okay.  I was a tad surprised at how much I didn't eat!  I was also surprised that F wanted to go there.  After the hell he put me through with wanting fish and whining about meat, he suggests a yakiniku buffet place? Don't get it!

We made a quick trip to my school to drop off a couple of boxes and then came home.  We had a quiet evening.  F made some bread for tomorrow, and I did a bit of crochet. I'm crocheting the two pillow sides together, finally.  I'm running out of wool though. I hope I have enough to finish it!  
That's about it for my day. It was quiet but not necessarily bad.  Tomorrow I have one class and then I'm done.  Got to go.  Night!

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