May 6, 2013

Monday - Rainy with thunder

Thoroughly unpleasant day today.  

I went to bed very late and was planning to sleep until ten. However, F started talking to me at 8 am and asked me to go to Akita.  I said no.  He then whined a bit about how we were supposed to go yesterday but we didn't because I stayed in bed too long and how there was a room at a hotel in Akita we could have stayed in.  I calmly replied that I did get up yesterday, but since he didn't talk to me, I returned to bed after an hour.  I also mentioned that I didn't want to stay in a hotel anyway.

When he was up he made a lot of noise so I got up, shut the bedroom door and slept on.  I woke up around 10, took a shower, but wasn't able to watch my show as someone was watching crap TV again.  

This nastiness and bickering continued for a while.  We went for a late lunch.  He wouldn't suggest a place because, "It was too late." I suggested a place that stays open well after the time it was so we went there.  When we got there, the price was too high for him, so we left.  Then he said it was okay, but I said no.  We stopped at the Kokusai Mura briefly and ran an errand, then F tried to make me walk home.  When that didn't work, he drove like a maniac and tried to scare me out of the car.  He dumped me off at home.  As I said goodbye I asked him not to come back for a few hours.
When he came home it wasn't good and he left again.

I spent a quiet afternoon, listening to the rain and the thunder and wishing I was somewhere else.

He came back quite late and watched crap TV before taking his bath.  I watched my show and he did something in the kitchen and then went to bed.  Now I'm left to decide if I'm going to sleep on the couch or go to bed.  I think the couch might just win this one.  

I have to run, my eyes won't stay open!  Got to go. Night.

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