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To May 1, 2013

I'm a bit behind in posting these cards for you.  It's an interesting and varied batch this time.  One of the wonderful things about Postcrossing is that you never know what is going to be inside your mailbox.  It's often something that you didn't know you wanted, but is quite perfect for you. 

To see the cards in more detail, please click on them.  I welcome thoughts and comments below.

This first card comes from the Ukraine.  Katya is short and to the point on her card, she just sends greetings and then says, "Having a japanese man- it's so cool. " She wishes me luck, which I do need sometimes!

There's no information about the card, but it looks like a fanciful Gone With the Wind picture.  I've still never been able to sit through this movie!

Belgian Greta sends this card from the north of her country and says she lives 2 km from the Netherlands! In fact, she used a Dutch stamp to send the card.  She writes that she is married with two adult children and 2 grandchildren. This movie Safe Haven will open soon in Belgium.  Her favourite movies are Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter.  She sends her best wishes.  

I like those movies too, and I think Safe Haven just opened in big cities in Japan. It may be a while before it comes here to my city. 

Safe Haven

This card was sent by Bianca from the Netherlands. She says she lives in a village in the middle of the country.  She sent this card because she wanted to know what my first thought was about this man on the card. He could be an actor, she says, but he is not.  He's a docker in the Congo.  The photographer made a beautiful black-white portrait series in the harbour.  She has seen the series and it remains with her.

She also says that she finds it very brave that I moved to Japan.  It must be true love.  (Er....not sure about that.  Some days I think it was sheer stupidity!)

Human Conditions
Photo by David Damoison 

Vika sent this card from Latvia.  She wrote that she is originally from another country, but moved to Latvia recently.  She said that it is still cold in April, only 8 degrees where she is. I think it was about the same here at that time. 
Riga, Powder tower, Riga Castle, Latvian National Opera, Dome Cathedral

Elena writes from Siberia Russia.  She says that she studies English and Spanish languages.  She wishes me happy postcrossings and all the best for me.

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900)
View of the Great Peterhof Palace, 1837

The last card today is from Hungary.  Aimo writes from Budapest and sends his greetings.

He says that this is the largest cathedral in Hungary, in Esztergom, a small town by the Danube, northwest of ?? (sorry it's unclear to me).  He really likes it there.  Across the river you can see Slovakia.

Well, there you are, six interesting cards.  Do you have a favourite? Have you been to any of the places pictured, or seen any of the movies talked about?  I'd love to hear from YOU!

Until next time...

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