June 18, 2013

Tuesday - Cloudy, rainy and humid

A goodish day.

Today I got up on time, didn't fall asleep on the couch, did read the paper…amazing.  I had a slow morning though, but it was peaceful.  I decided not to go out as I wanted to catch the re-run of The Good Wife. While I did that, I got the baby blanket started.  One of my colours is navy blue and it was really hard to see where the stitches should be made on the first row.  It was hard in the daytime, at night it would be even harder.  

I had lunch today and it was nice.  I had leftover salad, chicken and couscous.  I love leftovers, shame there aren't usually leftovers with our meals.

In the afternoon I began writing my area report for the Journal. I haven't started the column yet.  I had an idea, but it would take rather a long time to do research for it.  After tomorrow, I suppose I could do a bit though.

When F came home he was a bit cranky.  I didn't know, but he wasn't feeling that well.  I was watching a programme and he changed the channel on me.  I wasn't too impressed, especially since it was to some guff about the rainy season.  He changed it back, but stormed out. He told me that he was trying to set the machine to record  but couldn't do it quickly enough.  Now, why didn't he just say THAT?  Instead I got told to "Wait a minute."  He stormed out.  Buh-bye.

I took to my bed, and tried to take a nap, but didn't manage. It was cool in there as I had the fan on me.  When he came back home, I expected he'd come and talk to me, but he didn't.

I decided to go out and get my dinner.  Long story shorter, he offered to drive me.  That's why we ended up at Gusto and I had an okay meal.  F didn't really eat.  He had an annindofu dessert and drink bar.  

After dinner we stopped at the grocery store and got some stuff for dinner tomorrow night.  We're going to keep it simple, which I think is a good idea.

I watched Criminal Minds at 11 and did the second row of my crochet.  It looks good, but feels a bit too loose.  The hook I'm using now is big and it is the one that gets me the closest to the gauge.  Not spot on though.  Sigh.  I'll see how it goes before I decide if I'll turn back or not.  

That's it for me.  F still isn't feeling that great, I hope he gets over this thing soon.  I will say that it was absolutely lovely not to have him pop by the apartment during the day.  I felt so much more at peace without his little visits.  Night!

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