June 4, 2013

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up early and then overslept!  It never fails.  I got up, had a quiet morning around the apartment.  I ate a quick breakfast and after The Good Wife went out.  

I biked off to McDonalds and had lunch there. I had their Chicken Tatsuta burger which was only okay. I didn't like it that much.  Afterwards, I biked off to my school and got to work.  Today I boxed up some ornaments, my art supplies and went through a few chest of drawer shelves. It was good.  

F called me at 5:40 and said he was home and that his phone wasn't really working.  By the time I got home he said it was dead.  I suggested he go to the cell phone company while I took a shower.  

He came home with a new to him phone. Ironically, it's like mine, but a newer model.  He ordered himself an iPhone.  I'm a tad worried about that.  F isn't exactly a techno-dude.  I still have to tell him how to use cut and paste on his computer, every time he needs to use it!  Still, I'm glad for him!  He has really had his phone for a long time and it was really getting old.  

We had dinner in the local Chinese place the F likes (I'm okay with it too).  The food was decent, but F said he ate too much.  Poor thing.  We picked up some groceries on the way home.  I might make dinner tomorrow night, but it'll be a grocery store meal more or less I think.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I made some tea and went over to the couch to watch some TV.  I watched a Japanese video show.  They showed music from 1984 and it was so "natsukashi" as they say in Japan.  Really nostalgic.  They even had David Lee Roth on…the hair is gone.  Sob!  He looks remarkably good though.  

Basic Granny Square

Modified Granny Squares

The cushion with the blanket 

I finished my cushion cover tonight too.  I like it a lot.  I'll try and add a picture or two later on.  I need some for Ravelry too.    Oh, and I got some other good news.  One of my postcards arrived tonight.  It had gone past the 60 day mark so I thought it wouldn't arrive at all. It was to the Netherlands, and usually those cards are really fast, so I was convinced it was lost.  Yay!!!  So glad it arrived safely, even if it was this late.

And that's it for my day.  It turned out quite well.  Tomorrow I should go over to my school a tad early to do some more packing.  I might wash curtains too. I'll see what goes on.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Your crocheting looks fab!

Helen said...

Thank you! It was a fun project...now on to the next on my huge list of "To Make" items!