June 5, 2013

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

A good day.  I got up at a reasonable time, watched some of the free cable that we've been getting.  It was odd.  TV is rather strange these days. It was all people going to other people and trying to buy junk from them to sell to other people at a higher price.  Now I know not everyone thinks it is junk, but a lot of it was!

F called to check I was still on for lunch, and I was.  
I met him outside and we had an okay lunch at Kappa Sushi.  He dropped me off at my school and I got busy.  Or, I'd like to say I was. In fact, what I did was fall asleep for a bit.  I needed it though.   

When I woke up, I got to work and did some more boxing and throwing out of my junk.  I wish someone would come and give me 100 dollars for it all! I washed the curtains in the apartment too.

F called me when he finished work and picked me up.  He dropped off some boxes for me too.  

We first went to AU where F picked up his iPhone.  He's a little techno challenged, so it's quite funny that he got one before me.  I just hope that he can work out how to use it! Sadly, his old phone died and he wasn't able to save any of his old information in it.  For some reason, he never backed it up.  Here's a tip for today though….Back up your cell phone's address book and anything else you want to keep!

After we finished at AU, we went to Fireball for dinner.  We had a lovely meal tonight.  Our main pastas were chicken and chigensai in a mustard cream sauce….oh my, so delicious, and shrimp and asparagus in a yogurt cream sauce.  It was very yummy too.  I'm not sure where Fireball gets their sauce ideas, but they are usually really interesting and so good.  

We came home after our meal.  F had an early night. He's quite tired these days and his back is bothering him again.  One sad thing though, we decided that I shouldn't go to Canada this summer to attend my niece's wedding.  It's just too much money.  Of course, her wedding is in August, the most expensive month to travel. 

I had a quiet evening by myself, quite nice really.  Watched a little telly, and just relaxed.  That's it for today.  Tomorrow, back to the school and I'll probably try to pack up the kitchen or the bathroom. Maybe both?  Ha!  Night.

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