June 6, 2013

Thursday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.

I got up fairly early this morning, had some breakfast and read the paper.  I watched a bit of telly and then took a shower.  I did some laundry too.  

I left for my school a little late, so instead of having lunch out, I bought a couple of sandwiches at the convenience store.  I went to my school and had a feast and then got to work.  Today I packed up the kitchenware that I had, washed the floor mat and packed some of my books in a box.  I also saved a bunch of paper to be recycled.  

F picked me up when he finished work and we went for tea in Doutors.  After that, we checked the grocery store for dinner but found it a bit lacking.  We went to our own grocery store and got some nice stuff there. 

We came home and instead of F helping me put the food out on the table, he decided to play with his new toy. I wasn't too pleased.

We finally had dinner and it was nice.  I just wanted a no-fuss dinner so got things from the deli part of the grocery store.  

The evening was fine.  I did a little crochet, but F was having a bad night and couldn't really settle down.  He's got to go to Yamagata tomorrow, so I hope he's okay.  

Tomorrow I have to go and do more packing and cleaning.  Oh what fun!  Night.


Rosa said...

Did I miss something? Are you closing down your school? Oh no!

Helen said...

I am. It closed at the end of last month, now I'm just clearing out the apartment.

Bit sad, but I needed to do it...should have done it long ago.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Oh my, it never occurred to me that you were closing your school. I thought the apartment owner was making renovations or something that required you to vacate for a short time. I'm sorry to hear this news. At least you won't have to make special trips to program the heater now.

Helen said...

No problem. I didn't really want to "announce" it. It isn't good news, but I wont miss preheating the school or the endless snow shovelling in winter!

I really didn't get a chance to talk to you at convention...they should have had a craft time!