July 11, 2013

Thursday - Rainy and hot

A good day.

I woke up early and then again when my alarms started to blare at the same time.  I got up, had some breakfast and then got to work on my niece's presents.  I wrapped them all up and made out a card to her as well.  I didn't have a box, so I put them aside for now.  

F called around lunch time to see if I'd like to go out, but when I said I wouldn't he was fine with that.  He went somewhere by himself I think.  I didn't eat lunch for a while as I half expected him to show up anyway!  He didn't.  

I watched Top Chef, or tried to.  The storm was going in full force at the time and D-Life, the channel, doesn't do well in bad weather.  The regular satellite channels came in so badly that I watched last night's Grey's Anatomy on video instead.  Goodness me.  What a lot of changes.  I wasn't expecting some of the departures/news on Grey's, but maybe it'll help the show.  It's been a bit "meh" for a while.

F came home after 6 tonight but was in a good mood.  We had some iced tea and watched the news and Friends.  The news talked a lot about the train derailment/town decimation in Quebec.  F hadn't heard of it before.  I was in tears by the end of it, even though I don't know anyone involved.  There was always a possibility of something similar occurring on my parent's farm as it was very close to a railroad line. Many of the small towns in my area of Alberta were railroad towns originally.   

We went out for dinner tonight too.  Tonight, F suggested Moku-Moku, so that's where we went.  We both had the same dish, cold pasta with a shrimp and fresh tomato sauce.  It was really nice.  It came with salad, drink bar and dessert. I quite enjoyed the pasta, I've been meaning to have cold pasta for a while.

We came straight home afterwards and I watched a bit of TV.  I did my crochet during Desperate Housewives and it was really good again.  This year They are trying to go out on a high note I think.  

F went to bed around midnight and I watched a bit of late night  TV, wrote up a Postcrossing, and then blogged.  

Tomorrow, I hope to go out and mail my gifts, maybe if the weather gets better I can go to the mall for a drink, or just get out of the apartment under my own steam.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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