July 20, 2013

Saturday - Warm and sunny, a little cloudy

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and watched Nigel Slater, then took my shower.  I came back and watched Gilmore Girls and did a little crochet.  

Then, I went back to bed. It was supposed to be for a short nap, but I woke up after an hour, fell back asleep again, and slept for an hour and a half.  I was really surprised at that.  

F and I had a discussion and decided to go out for lunch.  We hit up Gusto, had an okay meal there with their new dishes. After lunch, we hit up a drugstore for a couple of things and then, you guessed it, went to the internet cafe.  

We had karaoke for a couple of hours and then went over to the massaging chairs area. I finished watching the movie I watched last time, then watched the second part.  It wasn't great, but was mildly amusing.

We left before 10 and had a quick curry and then came home.  I did a bit of crochet and watched some TV.  The new season of Project Runway just started, so it was nice to see Tim Gunn again.  Yay Tim!

I'm still up, watching TV, F is up watching YouTube again.  Tomorrow I have no idea what we'll get up to, but it'll be fun to find out I think.  Night!

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