July 5, 2013

Friday - Rainy and cloudy

An okay day.  I got up at a goodly time this morning, had my breakfast and watched a little bit of telly.  I got to see some of the insanity that is America's Next Top Model.  After that I watched House and then went to take a short nap.  I did plan it as a short nap, I set my timer and an alarm so I wouldn't sleep too long. However, F called me to say that he'd take time off work in the afternoon and wanted to relax.  

He came home a few minutes later, but was busy for a bit.  I got up again, and then we went out.  We drove around the city and I suggested going to the big main factory of the bakery in our city for a late lunch.  We had some yummy foods there and enjoyed ourselves.  After that, we headed out to the Mikawa mall.  

F did a little shopping for himself, while I got to do some window shopping at the Ladies department.  I tried on a few things when he came back.  I didn't get anything.  Things didn't fit the way I hoped or the material was too thin or something was wrong with everything.  There was one thing I almost liked, but not enough to buy it.  

We came back to Tsuruoka and went to the internet cafe.  F suggested karaoke for a while, so we did that.  It was fun and we both did a lot of good songs.  

Then we moved over to the massaging chairs.  We decided that we'd give ourselves at least two hours there, enough time to see a movie. I didn't have much hope of seeing a movie as most of them are dubbed into Japanese. However, they did have a new this month TV show, Camelot, and it was in English.  Score!  I had seen some of it before on TV in our apartment, but, I missed the first part, and half of the second.  I watched both today, and the next time we go I'll likely watch another part I missed.

We came home after 11, but were in good moods.  F did some computer work, I washed the dishes that I didn't get around to this afternoon, and then I went on my computer too.  F went to bed a little while ago, I should go too.  Tomorrow I have no idea what's going to go on, wish me luck.  Night.

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