August 10, 2013

Saturday - Muggy, humid and hot

A good day.  I got up to watch Nigel, but Martha Stewart was on instead.  The good thing is that she was only on for 30 minutes and not 60!  After the half hour infomercial, Gilmore Girls was on and it was a good'un.  I think the show might be off soon for a while. I should check, but I don't want it confirmed!

At 12 I went and took a nap. I only meant it to be for 15 minutes, but woke up an hour later. Still, I felt much better, so that was good.  Instead of going out for lunch, we had leftovers from Thursday's dinner.  It was really nice to eat at home to be honest.  We actually managed not to fight either.  

We went to Mikawa soon after lunch to see World War Z with Brad Pitt.  It was quite scary, and quite quiet.  I enjoyed it to be honest.  It wasn't a dumb movie at all.

After the movie we had dinner at the mall's new pasta restaurant, then did a little shopping (I got a new shirt), and then we went for a drink.  Following that, we went for a drive.  I wasn't expecting to go for a drive and so hadn't gone to the ladies room before we left.  Mistake!  F took us to see the fireworks but AFTER we arrived, he checked and found there weren't any that night.  Just before he parked, I had asked him to find me a washroom somewhere.  We ended up driving back to Tsuruoka.  Sorry darling!  If you'd warned me we were going on a long drive I would have used the mall facilities….but you didn't.

We bought a few groceries at the shop and then came home.  We watched a bit of telly, I did a bit of crochet.  I finished my doily in the morning and also started a quick scarf for myself.  I'm a little under halfway done, but it's going well.  

And that's about it.  I'm watching Bones while blogging.  It's been a good day…hopefully tomorrow will be too.  That's it for me.  Night!

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