August 9, 2013

Friday - Clear and Sunny, hot and humid

A good day.

I didn't sleep that well last night.  F had put a fan in our bedroom, and when I came to bed I brought a fan too, so I ended up being a little cool in bed!

I got up this morning, had some breakfast, watched a little TV and did a little bit of stuff on my computer.  After that, I had a shower. In the afternoon, I had some lunch.  I had leftovers from last night's dinner and it was nice.  

After I did the dishes, I got busy.  I cleaned up part of my computer corner and brought in one of the filing cabinets from my school.  I'll have to clean out some of the shelves in that in order to get my desk cleaned off, but it made a big change.  I found even more books when I was cleaning.  Sigh.  I have a whole box I loaned to someone and they returned, but I have no room for them on my bookshelf at the moment.  I am hoping to bring at least one of my bookcases from the school into the living room.  Fingers crossed.  

F came home around 6:00 and wanted to go out to…the internet cafe.  Boring.  I didn't have any better ideas though, so I said it was okay.  While I was there I watched a really dumb horror movie from Britain.  For some reason, horror movies and musicals seem to be the only ones they don't bother dubbing into Japanese. We had dinner there, it was okay, but sort of odd eating alone with my husband in the next booth.  I fast forwarded the ending of the movie to get it done and then found out that Harry Potter was on regular Japanese TV.  I told F and he watched it too.  We came home and watched the rest of it at home.

We've had a quiet evening here at home.  I finished crocheting my doily, but I still have to finish it off. I need to darn in some ends, block and press it.  It looks quite nice. I may actually send it or I may do another version of it, I haven't decided yet.  

And that was my day. It wasn't bad at all.  Tomorrow, there are finally movies in town, so I am hoping to go and see a film.  Wish me luck. Night!

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