Postcrossing - Incoming to August 2, 2013

To August 2, 2013

Another interesting bunch of cards this week.  Let me know which one(s) you like!  I'm a bit behind so I probably won't write as much as usual.

Renee from California, USA sent this Picasso card to me.  She writes that she loves the movies Amelie and Pulp Fiction.  She mentions that she used to study Japanese and would love to visit Japan someday.
Reading, 1932
Pablo Picasso

Tami sent this lovely movie card from the north part of Germany. She didn't write much at all, so that's it!

Sini/Saint sent this card from Finland.  She writes that she loves to travel and has been to almost all of the countries in Europe.  She loves Pedro Almodovar films, British comedies and European cinema in general.  She prefers to watch movies in a cinema on a big screen.  (Me too!)

Sini also used this great stamp on her card.  The bus looks even older than the school bus that I used to ride as a teenager!

Mini-Max, a nine-month old sent this card from Russia.  He apparently had help writing the card from his parents!  
Moscow. View of the State Historical Museum and Red Square
There were even more stamps on this card, but these are the most interesting ones.  The stamps took up most of the top of the card.  I love the circus one.

Bhaskar from India sent me this yummy looking card.  I love Indian food so I was really happy to get it.  He writes that he is a 38 year old guy who lives in Delhi with his parents.  
Cuisine of India

Well, there you are.  Five great cards and a few cool stamps.  I welcome your comments and would love to hear which one is your favourite this time.

Remember you can click on the pictures to see them larger!

Until next time!

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