September 11, 2013

Wednesday - Cloudy and a bit muggy

An okay day.

I overslept a little this morning so I didn't get up and do my plans.  That was okay, I just did something else instead!

I had some breakfast and then I decided to work on a craft that I've been planning for a while.  There's a bit of a story for it.  I have a lovely black long sleeved t-shirt that has a bit of a stain on the front.  It isn't really visible, but from some angles and under some lights it is.  A friend suggested that I sew some lines on the shirt to detract people from seeing it, but I don't have a machine here.  I thought about my own crafting likes and decided that while I don't have a sewing machine, I do have a lot of stamps!  I bought a couple of stamp pads for fabric, and today I spent about an hour in the tatami room with my stamps, stamp pads and the t-shirt.  

I did take photos of the process, but for some reason the stain is very visible in them.  I think it was the soft flash I used.  To the naked eye, the t-shirt looks really cool and I don't notice the spot anymore.  Sigh.  I have the shirt hanging up and will wait to dry it properly before I wear it again.  
Take a clean, plain black t-shirt...

Add a few pink and white stamps and....
you can still see the spot :-(

In the afternoon I watched a little Heartland and then I went out.  I wanted to run an errand and so I biked out to the drugstore.  I had a nice ride and it was fun going to the shop.  I came back home afterwards.

F did come home a little early tonight. He dozed for a little and then he made dinner.  I hadn't really expected him to do that. I did want him to help, so maybe it was okay that he did it all! I did his trick, I took a nap while he did the nabe.  

I did the dishes and we had a quiet evening in. F watched some Japanese TV and You-Tube at the same time, then I watched Grey's Anatomy and House and Bones.  I know, they're on late, but I look forward all week to them.

And that basically was my day.  It was lovely to do some crafting/stamping again. Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll get up to.  I wrote up a lot of Postcrossing cards tonight and then I put my account on inactive so that I won't get as many cards while I'm away.  Come back tomorrow night and find out what happens.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

What a creative way to solve your problem! The flowers look very nice and make the shirt much more feminine.

Helen said...

Thank you! I have a few other shirts that I might try this with! I have a lot of stamps as I used to make greeting cards. I will see how this shirt/ink wears.

I may even stamp more flowers on it!!!

Thanks for visiting :-)