September 12, 2013

Thursday - Hot and muggy, rainy

An okay day. 

I got up this morning a little later than I meant to.  I forgot about Project Runway again today, so  missed most of it. Oh, well.  At least I had seen it before today!

I had planned to go out during the day, but rain came and I didn't bother.  I did end up taking a long and unplanned nap on the chesterfield during the day.  

I scanned a lot of cards today. I had written about 7 yesterday, so they had to be done, plus I have received a few this week, so it took a while.  I have begun to blog the received ones already.  

F came home around 6 tonight. He vegged for a while, I watched old Project Runway.  It was great. 

After that, we had a bit of a snuggle and then decided to go out for dinner.  We didn't have a place in mind really, but F took me to the main post office to mail my cards and I remembered there was a place just down the street from there.  We went and had a really nice meal.  It was a yakiniku/izakaya type place, and we both had the same thing, duck teishoku.  We added on tea at the end, but it was quite cool when we got it.  

After our meal we got a few groceries. I picked up some Royal Milk Tea to take on my trip for my friends.  

We came home and had a quiet evening.  We didn't really watch much TV as all my favourite programmes were off tonight. 

That's about it for me.  Tomorrow I think I'm going out with a friend, and perhaps I might get to see a movie in the evening.  I should mention that our anniversaries are this weekend so blogging could be patchy as I may have other things to do!  Night.


Rosa said...

Hi Helen! Did you know you can find the full (current season) episodes of Project Runway online--in case you miss one. I used to watch them all this way, since I don't have cable TV.

We have had much rain here recently, too. So hard to get motivated when it's gray and drizzly out.

Happy (early) anniversary!

Helen said...

Yes, I know I could watch things on line but I rarely do. We're probably behind a year or two anyway. I spend enough time in front of my computer that I don't need to spend any more :-)

Today looks nice and sunny--Hurray!

And thank you!