September 13, 2013

Friday - Hot, muggy and sunny

A good day.  I woke up early this morning when someone kindly rang my apartment phone and then hung up.  Thanks for the wake up call!

After Pretty Little Liars I took a shower and spent the next while getting ready to go out.  When the time came, I went outside and waited for my friend.

We met and had a lovely afternoon.  We did rather more driving than we meant to, as we tried to have lunch in the suburbs, but the restaurant was full.  We came back into Tsuruoka and had lunch at Moku-Moku.  It was fine, and we had a nice chat.  We followed that up with McDonalds to have more discussion on a topic that is on our minds lately. 

When I got home, I changed and went out to the lobby and swept it.  It's our month to do the maintenance and I've been remiss this month.  I know that F does it fairly often, but I tried really hard to get some of the cobwebs that appear, and also to clean some of the corners of the building.  

In the evening when F came home from work we both changed to go out and then drove out to Mikawa.  We couldn't agree on food as usual, so he went to one restaurant for ramen, I went to another for pasta.  He was done and was sitting outside the window of my restaurant before I even got my salad.  I was quite annoyed.  How long does it take to cook fresh pasta anyway?  From experience I know, not long at all.  I've done it myself.  It's usually about 2 or 3 minutes.  

Anyway, when I finished eating and paying, we went upstairs and went to see The Wolverine.  It was fun, but not the movie I hoped it would be.  It was a bit odd sitting in the theatre with many Japanese people watching Japanese "attractions".  Bullet Train-check, Ninja-check, Samurai-check, Pachinko-check…you get the idea.  I laughed a lot at the movie, but not always in the way the filmmakers wanted me to.  Still, all in all, I love Wolverine and after the end-scene (shortly after the credits start) I can't wait to see the next film. 

We came home and had a fairly quiet evening.  I did a bit of crochet. I'm happy to say that I'm nearly done my doily.  It's looking quite good.  F went to bed fairly early, after all, he worked a full day today.  

Tomorrow I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing, but we will have a lovely dinner out. I'll hopefully be able to blog tomorrow night and let you know all about it.  Night!

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