September 19, 2013

Thursday - Warm and sunny

I had a quiet day at home today.  I got up earlyish and watched my TV, doodled on my computer, the usual.  I really did just have a quiet day.

I had some pasta, toast and avocado for lunch and it was nice.  In the afternoon I scanned a few postcards, I'll update them as I get time.  

F came home around his usual time, didn't say anything to me and I didn't say anything to him.  He changed into his pyjamas and went to bed.  He took a bath, back to bed.  

I cooked my dinner tonight and it was rather good.  I had my leftover stir-fry on pasta with added cheese and an egg.  It came out really nicely and I have leftovers for tomorrow.  Yum.  

I watched a lot of TV tonight, including the new show on NHK, Once Upon a Time. It was…okay.  I think a few more viewings might make it better.  

F got up a few times and is up again, but neither of us have spoken to each other all day.  

Tomorrow I have a lunch date with a friend and then I'm alone with the grizzly bear for 3 days.  I hope we both survive.  

Got to go.  Night.

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