October 2, 2013

Wednesday - Cold and rainy

A good day.  I managed to sleep until 6:00 am this morning....one more hour than yesterday.  I got up, spent an hour or so on the computer and then went upstairs for breakfast and being social.

I spent most of the morning at Van's.  I had a shower, got dressed, spent time with Katie before she went to school and helped Van when I could.  Van and I had lunch and then she drove me to Millwoods Town Center.  I first went to the bank and then she dropped me off at the mall.

I did a lot of window shopping in the mall and saw quite a few shops that were interesting.  The mall had changed a lot since the last time I was there though.  I looked in the Target and wasn't impressed, bought myself something at Reitmans, had a diet root beer, got a few things in the drugstore and met up with Van and Zach.  We got groceries and then came home.

At Van's, I helped Zach look over his math homework.  I was quite mean about it and made him work. Yay for me.  He gets a test tomorrow.  Van was glad because she was preparing dinner. She got to work on things while I quizzed him.

We had a lovely dinner tonight of baked chicken, roasted potatoes and salad.  I washed the lettuce!  After dinner I was left off dishes duty to help Zach with his math again.  He did rather well.

I went upstairs to watch TV with the family, but started to fade rather quickly.  It's a little after 10pm now and I'm planning to go to bed soonish.

I may go downtown/to the mall tomorrow. I'm not sure.  I need to do some shopping so I might try and get some done on the morrow.  I'll try and let you know tomorrow night!  Later.

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