October 27, 2013

Sunday - Rainy then clearing

A mixed up kind of day.

I woke up this morning because F started listening to stuff on his computer.  I was quite annoyed.  He has headphones, he chose not to use them.  

We had lunch at a soba restaurant, it was okay.  F was in a horrible mood all day.  His neck was really bad with the weather today.  He couldn't get comfortable and wasn't afraid to let me know it.

After lunch we drove around a little, but then came home.  We spent the next few hours at home on our computers.  F took a nap later on, so we didn't go out for dinner for a few hours.

We had dinner at our local favourite, Jiro.  I had my usual pork sautéed in garlic oil with tons of onions.  It was so good tonight.  I really enjoyed it.

We bought a few groceries for tomorrow.  We're going to have yakiniku and veggies I think.  I'm rather looking forward to it. F brought me some gyutan a few days ago from Sendai, so we'll have that with it.  

We had a fairly quiet evening at home.  I dished up some more apple crumble and we had that with ice cream.  It was really much nicer tonight than it was yesterday!  I'm not sure why that was.
And that's about it for me.  I have a fairly busy week coming up.  I have a deadline to write for, plus a meeting in Sendai that I have to attend.  I'll talk to you tomorrow night about my day.  Gotta go. Night!

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