October 28, 2013

Monday - Sunny and gorgeous

A good day.  I got up late this morning.  Woot!  I felt a bit like I was back to "normal".  Still, I was up around 9 so yay for me.  

I had a busy morning.  I did 3 loads of laundry and put away some of my clean clothes.  I had breakfast which was some of F's delicious walnut pain de campagne --so nice, and yogurt.  

In the afternoon F kept popping in as he was waiting to drive some people nearby.  It was nice to see him.  I wrote a few Postcrossing cards, scanned them, and eventually took them to the post office.  I am so loving having my scanner by my computer.  It makes my life so much easier.

When I came home I got an message from F saying he'd be a bit late tonight, so I got busy.  I went into  the kitchen and started prepping for dinner.  We were having yakiniku so I got out the grill and washed it, then cut up a bunch of veggies.  I was just finishing up when F came home. 

We had dinner soon afterwards and it was nice.  We'd only bought a small thing of meat last night, F had also given me some gyutan last week when he came back from Sendai.  We had that too. It was all lovely.  The veggies were very filling and that was why we didn't need so much meat.  

F did the dishes and then much later we ran to the grocery store to get milk as we were almost out of it.  F was so slow in the store it drove me a little mad! I decided to get a couple of things for tomorrow night's dinner too.  We'll likely have pasta.

We came home and I watched tonight's episode of Scandal and worked on my shrug.  It's going very nicely.  I also attempted to start my new scarf with the Starbella yarn, but decided to leave it for tomorrow when I can listen to the video out loud.  

I've got F for a couple of hours tomorrow morning as he's got a meeting he has to go to in Yamagata.  He doesn't want to go, but he has to!  I'm hoping the weather will hold up as I'd like to go out for a bit and have a tea or something. Just make good use of the lovely weather before it gets too cold for me.  

That's it for me.  I'll probably blog a little early tomorrow night as I have to go out of town on Wednesday morning.  However, if I don't catch you, don't worry about me!  Night.

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