October 8, 2013

Tuesday - Cloudy, windy and colder

Woke up last night at 1 am with the TV blaring away and the lights on in the room.  I sheepishly turned everything off and went back to sleep.

This morning I got up, ate breakfast...Greek yogurt and pita bread...yum...then showered and dressed for going out.  Van took me over to South Edmonton Common and we ran a few errands at London Drugs and Staples.  She dropped me off at Joeys to meet my friend.  We were quite bemused to see her husband's vehicle parked outside!

I went in to my table and in a few minutes my friend Teresa joined me.  We worked out that it had been 21 years since we'd seen each other...and she hasn't changed very much at all.  We caught up a bit and had a nice lunch together.  After lunch, she very nicely drove me to Southgate Mall before heading on her way.

At Southgate I only intended to do a little shopping in the dollar store, but I somehow ended up in Sears trying on a garment...and then buying said garment.  Yay.  I had a drink and an order of onion rings too.  One of the few things I look forward to when I come to Canada.  Japan hasn't figured out onion rings properly yet .

I headed up to Whyte Ave by bus around 4 and then spent a couple of lovely hours walking along the avenue.  I didn't buy much there, but was surprised by all the changes that have happened in the last 3 years since I was here last.  I even wandered past my old apartments to see if there were any changes...just cosmetically I think.  The house that I had a basement suite in was repainted, but the garden looked rather neglected.

I met Massie at Continental Treat and we had a lovely dinner.  The food was amazing as always...dill pickle soup (I'm still burping!), the Polish cutlet and dumplings, and even the dessert was great.  All too soon, our time was up and I had to call for a ride home.  Luckily my BIL was nearby and picked me up.  We drove home to Beaumont.

At "home" Van, Joe and I watched an episode of Elementary and then I came downstairs to do my computer stuff.  I needed to check Facebook and also blog!  I will probably fall asleep soon too. I'm yawning away.

Tomorrow night I'll have dinner with a friend in Beaumont and may do more of the photo sorting if I feel like it.  That's about it for me.  Night!

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