October 9, 2013

Wednesday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I didn't sleep that well last night. I kept waking up but managed to get up before 8 am today.  I was able to say bye to Zach before he went to school.

I had my yummy yogurt and pita bread breakfast.  I had chai tea with it too.  A very nice meal.

I spent most of the day at Van's. I did some scanning of the photos that we sorted the other day.  It was a bit hard as I wasn't familiar with her program and the computer seemed to get caught up in itself.  I did get a few done though and by the end I could make things go fairly quickly.

I was meeting a friend for dinner and he called to see if he could come earlier.  It was fine with me, so I changed and waited for him.  He was a tad late, but it was fine.

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and it was nice.  We had a couple of appetizers and some main dishes.  We drank some jasmine tea and enjoyed ourselves.  We had some great conversations. After we left that restaurant, we went to a frozen yogurt store and had some of that.  It was fun!  He drove me home and then I went into Van's house.

I watched an episode of Criminal Minds with Van and Joe and then decided to come downstairs and watch a bit of TV before bed.  Unfortunately, my bedside lamp burned out tonight.  It was strange as I'd just helped Joe replace a lightbulb upstairs and Van had offered me another lamp earlier in the day.  I'd said no, but maybe I should have!

That's about it for me.  Not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow. I may go into the city with Van or I may stay home, I haven't really decided.  Come back tomorrow night and find out what I get up to.  Night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Lots of shopping. If there is too much you could always wear a load of clothes and then take them off and put them in a bag to put in the hold on the plane once you get past customs. ;0)

Helen said...

One of my friends suggested that I wear my new winter coat back on the plane.....Err.....Holy too hot Batman!

I think I'll either mail things to myself or get another suitcase and pay the extra charge. It might end up cheaper in the long run!

Thanks for commenting :-) I've been reading along on your blog too!