November 1, 2013

Friday - Clear and warm

A good day.

I got up quite early and had a relaxing morning around the apartment.  F called to say that he was coming by for a few minutes and so he did.  He left soon afterwards.

I chilled out around my apartment for most of the day. I finished my area report and sent it in, then sealed my sister's present, took it to the post office and sent that.  It was fun at the post office.  They were pleased to see me and one of the ladies was showing me new stamps.  Next time I'll probably get a few.

I came home and a little later F came home.  His back was bothering him so he wasn't having a good night.  I cooked dinner, which we both enjoyed. It was pork steaks, salad and hash brown fingers.  

In the evening I suggested that we watch a dvd and so I picked Call the Midwife.  My friend bought me the dvds when I was in Canada.  F and I watched two episodes and we both enjoyed it a lot.  It was a nice change to our Friday evening.  

Sadly, F went to bed quite early as he was tired. I'm still up.  My nose is now plugged up, but I'm feeling mostly better.  I have no idea what F and I are going to get up to, but I'll enjoy finding out.  Hope you will too.  Night!


Rosa said...

Happy Halloween/Day of the Dead, Helen!

Isn't Call the Midwife terrific? I'm a huge Chummy (Miranda Hart) fan. The books are good, too, if you get a chance to pick them up.

Helen said...

Thank you!

It was good! We just saw the arrival of Chummy last night, but yes, she is great. I used to watch her in a British comedy that WOWOW showed, where she played a klutzy cleaner who didn't clean, so this is a bit of a departure to see her as a klutzy nurse who is really nice!

I'll keep an eye out for the books too. Thanks!