November 17, 2013

Sunday - Clear and sunny 

A good day.

I overslept today.  Even for me on a Sunday.  I couldn't quite believe it. Still, I finally got up, got dressed and then F got dressed too.  We went to The Grand El Son and had a lovely lunch.  We both had chicken stew in a cream sauce with salad bar.  We had different side dishes though.  I had bread and carrot soup, F had rice and minestrone soup.  It really was delicious.

After lunch, we visited the Chido Museum.  They had an exhibition of farming in the Shonai area.  It was really fascinating!  As the daughter of a farmer in Hicksville, Alberta, there were similarities but a lot more differences in farming methods.  Of course, we didn't farm rice, but we did bale hay and stack it up.  

After the museum, we drove to the coast and walked along the beach.  We watched the sunset and we took a few photographs.  It was nice.  I didn't think it would be, but it was.  It was also quite chilly.  

F walking towards the water.

We came back to Tsuruoka and had cake sets at Doutor.  We both had their Houji-cha tea and a salty caramel cake.  It was nice, but didn't have enough umph for me really.

We came home for a while and relaxed.  After a while, we went out for dinner.  I suggested his favourite fish restaurant, and he was happy to go there.  I had a gindara set meal, and F had a tuna bowl plus some anago.  Dinner was quite nice.

We came home again, but stopped at the grocery store for tomorrow's dinner.  I'm going to do pasta with chicken and different sauces for each of us.  We'll have salad too.  It should be simple and easy. That's my hope anyway.

This evening at home we just relaxed a bit.  It has been a fairly nice evening and fairly quiet too.  

Tomorrow, I have a lunch date and then a meeting with a hotel.  I hope it goes well!  Wish me luck.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

"...not enough umph..." That is exactly the term I've been searching for to describe Japanese cakes. I always think "cardboard" but you are right in that they lack umph. How can something so beautiful taste so terrible?

Helen said...

I always wonder the same thing! This cake didn't taste terrible, but after the first bite or two there wasn't much taste.

Thanks for commenting!