November 19, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy, with thunder and lightning

A good day.

I got up early this morning and stayed up. I thought I'd take a nap later on, but I never did!  I had a fairly busy day today.  I vacuumed, I did some laundry and I even wrapped a few Christmas Presents.  It was a fairly nice day.

When F came home tonight we talked about going out for dinner.  He suggested a place that I liked, but thought he said he wouldn't go there anymore.  I suggested a place, but he doesn't want to go there now, so we settled on the tonkatsu restaurant.  We went there and had a nice meal.  

Afterwards we bought some groceries. I'm going to try and make stew tomorrow night. I want to have enough for a couple of nights.  I'll put it together tomorrow and hopefully we can have some on Thursday too.

In the evening, F watched boxing and so I missed a show that I wanted to watch. Oh well, if it was a must-see I would have asked, and he doesn't get to watch a lot of things he likes on TV.  We had a nice big snuggle before he went to bed.  He's having a bad time with the weather being this bad.  

Oh, hey, I forgot.  The power went out at 2 pm today.  It was only out for 10 minutes, but it was quite surprising that it was out at all.  Apart from earthquake related outages, I could probably count the outages I've experienced on one hand.  On the farm, the power went out fairly often, here in Japan, it never does!

I must run. It is still pouring outside and the hour is getting late.  Tomorrow I'll be a bit busy.  Wish me luck!  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

We had lots of power outages when I was a kid, too. My folks still get one or two every winter. I always thought they were exciting and am secretly disappointed that Japan is so efficient and the power never goes out. I think the power has gone out for more than an hour only once in the 25 years I've been here and that was due to a terrible typhoon.

I was home alone and wanted to walk 30 feet across the parking lot to my neighbor's house so we could wait it out together but it was too dangerous. Boy, that was a bad one.

Helen said...

I've had two other experiences where the time went off for more than a minute or two was in my first year or I just went back to bed to stay warm! That was off for an hour.

The second was a month after the aftershock knocked out the power at night and we spent the whole night without power. That wasn't much fun in's still cold here then.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

My folks lost their power for a week two winters ago. They were going to go to a hotel because it was just getting too cold in the house. The power finally came back on though. It would be tough when it's really cold, like up where you are.