November 25, 2013

Monday - Cool, and in Tsuruoka, rainy

A good day.  Heck, a good weekend!

Saturday was good, we went out in the evening to celebrate F's birthday and had a lovely time.  We did try to get to bed early though…I stayed up long enough to start the VCR taping Project Runway then went to bed.  F was a few minutes more.

Sunday we drove to Sendai at an extremely early time for me.  Bleck.  Still, we got there in a goodly amount of time and then F dropped me off at the ETJ Expo.  I spent most of the time there.  I did a lot of talking to ladies (and some men) about AFWJ, the organization I belong to for foreign ladies married to Japanese.  I had help for most of the day, so it was fun.  Around 5 pm I decided to knock off and go to meet F.  

I called him and we arranged that I would meet him in the hotel's lobby so I could get my own room key.  However…when I got to the hotel, he wasn't there.  I called him and he was waiting for me at the train station!  Crossed paths most likely, but the station was busy as always!

We had dinner in the hotel's fish restaurant.  It was okay, I would really have preferred the yakitori place we originally planned to go to…except there might have been a lot of smoking there.  We did a little shopping at the import food store on Saturday night and I got my mincemeat tarts and my Christmas pudding.  Yay!  I missed out on the pud last year.  

We had a fairly early evening in the hotel.  I stayed up a little later than F, but I turned off the light at 1:22 am…so early for me too.  

This morning, we slept in a bit, then had an okay breakfast in the fish restaurant.  They had odd stuff for brekkie like deep fried gyoza, and hamburgers, but overall it was okay.  

After I watched Veronica Mars in the hotel, we checked out and did a bit of shopping.  Or a lot of shopping, it depends how you want to say it!  I got a lot of books, postcards and a couple of magazines, which is daft as I haven't finished the ones I have a subscription to yet.  

We had lunch at the gyutan restaurant, finished up our shopping and then left Sendai.  We had an okay drive home, it was cold and rainy along the way.  We stopped in Yamagata for dinner, then drove home from there.

We unloaded the car and then picked up a few groceries for tomorrow night's dinner.  We then had a fairly quiet evening catching up with emails.  I also received about 7 postcards so I had to register all of them.  I haven't scanned them yet though.  

That's about it.  Not many plans for tomorrow.  I should go out and send a bit of mail, after that, who knows?  I have to go.  Night!

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