November 26, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy with hail and rain

An okay day…

Today I slept in a bit late, I didn't mean to but I was rather tired.  When I got up I just didn't feel like I had any energy at all.  Sigh.  

I had a late breakfast and then I watched a bit of TV.  I spent most of the day at home rather quietly but did go to the post office for another frustrating visit.  Today, I had to send something to another group member and I had forgotten the proper way to do it.  I ended up spending 1400 yen, when it should only have taken 500 yen.  I am so annoyed.  I have pretty much vowed not to go to my local branch anymore unless that woman isn't there anymore.  I know I should have looked up what I needed, but honestly, the woman who used to be reasonable has become a complete idiot in the last two weeks.  

I came home and was quite upset.  I ranted and raved to an empty apartment….when F called to say he was coming home fairly soon, I was only starting to calm down!

After F came home, which was after 6:30, I started dinner.  Tonight we just had pasta, sauteed chicken and salad, but it was nice.  F did the dishes, I'm happy to report.  

Both of us felt really drained tonight, so F went to bed quite early, and was deeply asleep.  He'd fallen asleep in the middle of the bed, so I had quilts piled up high on my side.  I ended up waking him up around midnight to move him over and cover himself up.  

Tomorrow I hope to finally get my Christmas cards started.  I never did get around to writing a Christmas newsletter…I should probably try to do one!

I'm feeling under a huge amount of pressure at the moment.  Most of it is self inflicted, but I'd really like to decompress.  I thought this weekend would help, but it's really just made me more uptight!

That's it for me.  Tomorrow either cards or present-wrapping and maybe laundry!  It must be done.  Talk to you then.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I sympathize with your frustrating PO visit. I hate it when that happens too! You know what the price should be, but they ring it up higher and say that's the only price. I've started looking things up in advance and bringing in a printed price list just in case they try to put one over on me.

I hope you have a nice, relaxing day today. I'm making a quilt, but at the stage where I decided to change the design and now must calculate sizes and such. Math. Definitely not my forte. Even quilty math. Ugh.

Helen said...

I know I should have looked up the name before I went, but it was late and I wanted to get it all done. Gah!

And good luck with your quilty math! I have to do some crochet math soon too I think!