December 23, 2013

Monday - Cold, bit rainy

A slow day!

I went to bed at 4-ish last night. F was still up, but said he was coming to bed soon.  I got up at 6 and he was still up.  He said that the bread would be ready in 2 hours and he'd take it out.  I was up again at 8 and he was still up.  He took the bread out of the bread maker and then finally went to sleep.  

We slept in quite late.  I did get up before 10 to check email, then went back to bed.  We finally got up in the afternoon!

We watched a little TV and had some of the bread. It was nice, but I think F spends too much time making bread!  It's annoying since it is MY breadmaker!

I worked on my nengajo all afternoon and I *think* I am finished.  I'm sure I'll receive one from someone I didn't prepare one for, but on the whole, I'm glad to be done!  

F and I went out for dinner to Kintaro Sushi.  That's twice in two days for fish, and only one meal each day.  Not terribly impressed, truth be told.  Oh yes, F offers to take me out, but I'm feeling a bit "Bah humbug" about everything.  After our sushi, I had asked F if he'd like to go to Cocos and have dessert, something I had suggested before dinner, but he'd eaten too much sushi and didn't want to. He said he would for me, but it isn't fun if we aren't both eating.  

Came home and watched the last two movies in the Twilight series.  I hadn't seen the last movie yet.  It was bad and dumb, but slightly better than the rest.  My opinion on this could just be relief that they are finished! That Stewart girl was so whiny I wanted to give her a good talking to!

I watched Scandal and went over to the couch for a little crochet tonight too.  I think I have finally finished crocheting my shrug.  Woot!  Now to sew it up.  Hope I can wear it somewhere soon!

That's about it really.  I also finished my Stephanie Plum novel tonight, after midnight really, but it's done too.  Yay!  And, I wrote some postcrossing cards too.  Hurray for me.  I haven't done any in ages and tonight I wrote 4.  I'll try to do a few tomorrow too as I have to go to the post office to mail some books off.  Got to go.  Night!

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