December 3, 2013

Tuesday - Clear and sunny -- Yeah!

A better day.

I slept much better last night and when I woke up this morning, I actually remembered that I was going out for lunch and I had to get up!  

I showered and watched Veronica Mars.  So sad that show never found its audience.  It was smart and funny, obviously a deathly combo for the audiences of the time.

I worked on my Christmas cards this morning and got a couple done.  When the time to leave came, my friend called to say she'd be running late, so I enjoyed more time on my computer!  

When we met, we exchanged books.  I loaned her a couple of things to read, a book and a magazine.  She loaned me a brand new novel that she'd bought.  It's the last book in a series that we've both read.  I saw the hardcover in Canada a few months ago, but it was heavy and expensive.  I couldn't afford it.  She bought it on the internet.  Yay!  I started reading it tonight…meant to only read a page or so, stopped at page 12!

We had lunch at Pisolino and spent a lovely couple of hours eating and talking and getting our feelings out.  It was both therapeutic and fun!  

We have some business to take care of next week, so we'll meet up again then. 

I came home and decided to work on my Christmas cards.  Over the day I wrote 15 of them, so yay for me.  I have to get my ones to Canada out before the 5th or the post office will give me a hard time about taking them.  

After F came home tonight we went shopping.  We bought some nacho chips at the drug store and got the right kind of chicken at the grocery store.  We bought a few other things and came home.  

At home, I got stuck in on dinner.  I washed the lettuce, tomatoes, and put together a fake taco salad, then prepped all the ingredients for my fajitas.  Since neither of us like green peppers, we left them out and used shimeji mushrooms instead.  I asked F to heat up the tortillas for me, and got everything cooked.  

We had a lovely dinner!  F was very impressed and ate more than he usually does when I cook.  The fajitas were great and I would love to try making them again, the fake taco salad was okay.  It was a nice light side dish.  

After dinner I did a whole lot more Christmas card writing and got most of the ones for overseas done.  Hurray!  That was one of the big jobs off my list for the month.  

Anyway, that's about it for me.  Tomorrow F is off work and we are going to see if we can get flu shots. He's made arrangements already with his doctor, so we should do that.  I also hope to mail off my Christmas cards.  I don't want to do it from my local post office if I can help it!  Got to go.  Night!


Shonan LOvE said...

Are you looking forward to the Veronic Mars movie? Seems like it is coming out 2014.

Helen said...

Yes, I'll be keeping an eye out for it. I don't know if they can add to the series in a movie though. I hope so!

Shonan LOvE said...

Kristen Bell's pretty good in last year's Hit and Run. Definitely a standout actress