January 1, 2014

Wednesday - Cold, windy, with some rain

A good day!

We both went to bed very, very late last night…closer to this morning actually.  When I got up, F was watching TV.  It was really dark outside, so it felt like it was still the middle of the night. I went back to bed for a bit longer before finally getting up.

We both lazed around the apartment for a long time. We watched some TV…there were a few episodes of Friends on this morning that made me laugh.  Finally, I went back to bed. I was tired!  I slept for about an hour and then got up and got dressed.

F and I had talked about going out to get a Fukubukuro today as I've never bought one in 16 years in Japan!  Surprisingly, F suggested going to Mikawa and not S-Mall as I thought we would.  We drove over to S-Mall and walked around a bit.  We looked at some of the Fukubukuro but I managed to talk myself out of them.  We stopped off at Mr. Donuts and got a small one there.  We got a blanket, an eco-bag and a lunch box bag, plus we also got 10 coupons for doughnuts to be used before the end of March.  

We had dinner in the mall and then left to come home.  

At home, we basically just watched TV tonight.  It was quite nice and relaxing.  F is setting up the bread maker and will go to bed soon, I probably will too. 

So, over-all, today was an okay day. It wasn't greatly exciting, but it wasn't bad either! We got a few nengajo, F has to make more, but I don't, at least not yet!  

That's it for me.  I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow, come back and find out!  Night!


Rosa said...

This reminded me of an American coworker I had who lived in Yokohama. One day she was walking down the street and she heard a vendor say what she thought was "Ikebukuro?" And she replied, "Ikebukuro nai! Yokohama kara!" And of course he was confused because he had actually offered her a fukubukuro!

Happy New Year, Helen! :D

Helen said...

Thank you!

That's a fun story about fukubukuro!