January 4, 2014

Saturday - clear, but snowy and cold at night

An okay day.

F had to work today.  He doesn't usually work Saturdays, but he had to today.  He got up around 8:00 this morning, I got up a little later, but was up in time to see him off to work.  I never did go back to bed.

I watched a bit of TV and then took a nap on the couch.  I was out for about 2 hours.  I was just feeling drained.  I did feel better when I woke up.

I had a quiet afternoon at home, never did any of the things that I had planned for myself unfortunately.  Oh well, at least I had some time to relax.

F finished work around 5:30 and called me.  He came home and we talked about going out for dinner.  As usual, I had to choose, so I suggested two places, one a Japanese restaurant and one a Thai restaurant.  He picked the Japanese one, but when we got there it wasn't open.  We went to the Thai place instead.  It wasn't busy at all, we were the only customers tonight.  I had a spicy chicken and rice dish (with Thai Rice…score!), F had fried rice.  They were both okay.

We came home and watched a movie for a change.  Tonight we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It was great to see it again…I keep telling myself that I must re-read the books again.  We even had popcorn with the movie…yum.  

After the movie I just watched some regular TV including Project Runway All-Stars.  It was okay.  I'm wondering who is going to win everything!  I'm looking forward to finding out.  

And that was my day.  We don't have any plans for tomorrow yet.  The weather is getting colder and I'm thinking that it might be fun to stick around our apartment, or go shopping or going out and doing something.  Who knows!

That's it for me for tonight.  Talk to you tomorrow?  Night!

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