March 12, 2014

Tuesday - Warmer, clear and melting

A slightly better day.

I went to bed just after 1 am last night.  That's the earliest that I've been to bed in months.  I didn't sleep for a while, but then I did.  I woke up when F went to work, but didn't get up.

I did get up well before my alarms today though.  I was quite surprised.  I worked on my computer and then watched my show while I had breakfast and drank some tea.  The Walking Dead was on today too, so I watched that one as well.  Scary stuff, even though I've seen it before AND it was the middle of the day!

F came home and had his lunch during Heartland.  I wasn't sure what to say to him, so I didn't.  He brought me some chicken which I ate a little later. 

In the afternoon I scanned my cards, plus I wrote a couple extra ones, then took them to the post office on my bike.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to ride but there was hardly any snow out.  Yay!  

When F came home he was really quiet for a while. He made himself ramen almost right away, scarfed it down and then watched TV.  I asked that we go out, so a little later we did.  We went to the drug store where I loaded up on things like meal replacement bars in case the trains are greatly delayed.  Two years ago when I took a train to Niigata that got delayed for two hours, I had fortunately brought breakfast along and it saved my sanity.  I would have starved to death if I hadn't brought my onigiri and sandwiches.  

F went to the grocery store for supplies…ramen and beer…and then we came home.  F broke into one of his supplies and is now snoring away on the couch.  

I'm watching telly and trying to psych myself up for my trip. I'm actually looking forward to the train part, just as long as it doesn't get snowed in somewhere!

Well, that's it for me.  Tomorrow I'll be off, so I won't be around until Saturday at the earliest.  Don't miss me too much Dear Internet!  Talk to you in a few days.  Night.

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