March 15, 2014

Saturday - Warm and sunny at home, snowy up north.
Beware the Ides of March!!!

I had a good end to my week and a pleasant trip home.  I enjoyed my trip and I think it went well.  

I got up early this morning, showered and then had my breakfast at the hotel.  It was okay.  I went back to my room and re-packed until I got everything in my backpack!  I checked out of the hotel and walked over to the train station.  It wasn't very far, it was only 30 meters or so!   I went through the gate and then went on to the platform.

When I arrived on the platform I was a little surprised.  There were a few people there with their cameras and cellphones at the ready, there was even a man with a tripod and large lens on his camera.  I looked around and tried to see what they were waiting for, but I couldn't. I thought that it might be a special view of the mountain as it had new snow on it.  Perhaps it was a celebrity?  Then I saw it come into view.  The Akebono.  Today is the last regular run of the overnight train.  As it pulled into the station, the photographers went into action.  The people on the train were waving, one window even displayed a sign saying, "Thank you Akebono" in English.  I was a little moved.  I've never ridden that particular train, but just seeing the outpouring of love for it was sweet. A few minutes later, the train pulled out of the station and the crowds dispersed.

When it was time, I got on my train.  I had an easy ride to Akita.  I listened to P!nk and read my book.  I got about 250 pages in.  At Akita I bought an "ekiben" for my next train and got on my train.  Which instead of being a boring cream colour was now a lovely new yellow train.  Woot!  I think today must have been JR's day to change the trains or something.

We got into Tsuruoka on time and F was there at the station waiting for me.  That was lovely of him! We had a tea at Doutors and then came home for a bit.  Although I had a wonderful time, it was nice to be home!

We went out for dinner later on, then to the theatre to see The Dallas Buyers Club.  It was good.  I wasn't sure in all honesty why Jared Leto won the award. I didn't think he was that good, but Matthew McConaughey was excellent.  He did deserve his Oscar.  

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I watched some TV and F is gently snoozing on the couch.  I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow night. Come back and find out!  Night.

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