March 16, 2014

Sunday - Clear and warmish

An okay day.

I woke and got up around 11 am today.  Spent a bit of time on the computer falling asleep, then went over for a bit of a snuggle with F on the chesterfield.  That was sweet. 

We went to Kintaro Sushi for a latish lunch and then did a little driving around Tsuruoka.  We went to have a look at computer mouses at an electronic shop, then F started driving us off to the Mikawa Mall.  I was a tad surprised, but what the hey.  We got there, and walked around a bit.  We had some drinks and a doughnut at Mr Donut and then left the mall again.  

We came home via the taiyaki shop as we thought it was the 100 yen day.  They stopped having that, but we did get some taiyaki to bring home with us.

We ate them at home and a couple of hours later, went out for dinner. We had a coupon for dessert at Cocos so that's where we went.  I had chicken, F had a new dish, chicken with ramen.  Of course he hated it and didn't eat all the veggies.  Sigh.  We had our cake and it was quite good.  One of the ooey-gooey types of cakes.  It was nice.

After dinner we bought groceries.  We decided to have a nabe, but it's a bit of a worry.  Neither F nor I really want to eat each other's food anymore.  When I make something special he gets snotty about it and refuses to eat, and I certainly don't want to eat ramen, so we're a right pair of twits.  Anyway, tomorrow we'll eat nabe, and I hope it'll go well.  

And that's about it.  I helped F fix one of his computer problems, but can't really help him with the other one.  I'm watching a bit of telly before bed.  Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll get up to, wish me well with it, eh?  Night. 


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

We went out to Coco's last night, too! DH wanted free dessert for his birthday, and they took our picture, too and put it in a nice card. I had their mushroom zosui and was full halfway through. I also tried three of their yummy teas: chocolate orange, peach orange, and champagne. I couldn't resist such delicious names!

Helen said...

I always threaten F by telling him that we'll go there for his birthday and I'll tell the restaurant it is his birthday. Here you have your picture taken with a big stuffed Doraemon! It's for kids really up here!

I mixed their rooibos and their peach rose hip tea last night. That was yummy!

I do like their tea selection too!