March 2, 2014

Sunday - Cloudy and cold, snow flakes at night

A really nice day today!

I slept in really late because I didn't go to bed until it was terribly late.  I did get up in the afternoon.  We decided to go out for lunch and I suggested that F pick the restaurant since I picked the ones on Saturday.  He found a restaurant that served ramen and Japanese food so that's where we went.  

After a pretty good lunch (chicken & egg on rice), we went driving.  We ended up at Oyama and went to a park with a lake and about a million birds.  It was rather cool.  We went for a walk and it was honestly just nice to be out and about for a bit.  I told F that I would love to live nearby because it would give me somewhere to walk with nice views.  There's no safe place that has concrete paths near me.  

After this we were going to go to the Chido Museum to see the Hina Dolls, but F couldn't find his card.  We came home, but he still couldn't find it.  So, I suggested getting a drink.  We tried a new place for us.  It's actually a construction company, but they have a restaurant cafe open.  We went in and it was lovely.  They had a wood stove going and beautiful things on sale, and nice tea.  I'm sure we'll be back for lunch some time.  

After this, F suggested coming home and watching a DVD.  So we did.  We decided to watch "The Secret Life of Arriety" which is the Japanese version of The Borrowers.  It was a fun film, but I did have a few problems with it.  I think they overdid the "Japanese-ness" of it and they didn't show enough how the Borrowers could change something from our world and make it useful in theirs. It was a good choice of a film though and we enjoyed it for the most part.  I worked on my scarf again. I am re-knitting it now, a bit wider.  I like it more this way.  

We had a quick and quite nice dinner in Coco's tonight.  I had their borscht.  I've never had it before, so I'm sure it wasn't authentic, but it was good.  I'd really like to try the real thing now.  

We bought some groceries on the way home.  Tomorrow I'm going to cook chicken and then on Tuesday I think we'll have pancakes for dinner.  It is Shrove Tuesday after all! 

I also surprised myself by making bread tonight.  F bought us a bag of apples last week, so tonight I tried making a loaf of apple bread.  We'll know tomorrow if it is a success or not.  It smells divine now! We took it out already as I read it has to cool before it gets cut.  

Well, that's it for me.  Tomorrow is the big Academy Awards and I'll be Facebooking them if I get up in time!  I'm looking forward to the show, even if I haven't seen all the movies involved! Night.

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