March 21, 2014

Friday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.  I got up a little later than I have been lately today, but still early.  I watched a bit of TV and then F suggested going out for brunch.  I suggested we eat breakfast at home, so that's what we did.  

We had a nice lunch at Bikkuri Donkey! and then I asked that we go to the craft shop.  I hacked around the store, but didn't buy anything. I did drool over a few gorgeous balls of wool, but wasn't persuaded to buy it.

We made a quick stop at home and then went to The Internet Cafe for a few hours. It wasn't really my idea, but it wasn't a bad way to spend a few hours.  I read some of a magazine, watched a little telly.  No big deal.

For dinner tonight F was wanting ramen (he had some for breakfast) but I said no.  Enough with the ramen.  I asked him what else he'd like and he said soba.  That wasn't what I wanted, but you know, I can compromise once in a while too, so said okay.  We went to a restaurant near his work and had a nice dinner.  I had soba that I had to dip into soup with chicken in it, F had soba.  It was fine. 

We came home after dinner and I've been watching TV ever since.  I did start a new craft project although I'll probably rip it back soon, since I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing! 

Well, tomorrow we'll be driving to Yamagata and spending the night, so I won't be updating tomorrow night. I'll try and let you know all about my weekend on Sunday night.   Come back and read me then!  Night.

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